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Convention Florists at AN OCTOPUS'S GARDEN are the "Best of the Best" in Las Vegas for the Trade show, Convention, and Exhibit event flower industry.   Our horticulturists and florists possess unique design skills and artistic vision, and  the ability to work with you personally to bring your own personal sense of style to your trade show display. Each of our floral artisans have turned words into pictures. We will assist you in creating, coordinating and delivering an corporate event that will be long remembered. As one of the most sought after florists for exclusive conventions,corporate banquets and  events, An Octopus’s Garden sets the standard for exquisite floral creations in the Las Vegas Convention
 Florist vendor category.
Las Vegas Florist for Convention and Trade shows provide environmentally conscious options for your Las Vegas Convention and Trade show flower arrangements. Trade show sized small plants,  Florists  and horticulturists repurpose vases after event.

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Convention booth, trade show displays, exhibit decor flowers and plants rentals in Las Vegas
Recycled black glass with river rocks and single succulents for your Las Vegas Convention Space, from $75.00 with minimum order. 
To keep the glass out of our landfills, we rent the  glass vases, succulents and plants.  Your flowers can be repurposed, and  even donated to the Las Vegas Hospice or other recovery center at end of your trade show run.

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A black matte ceramic for a masculine statement with Eco friendly succulents and black polished gems. 
Assorted succulent gardens for placement throughout your Convention booth, exhibit display Las Vegas.
21st Century Living gardensof succulents for conter display areas of trade show booth in cylinders or bubble bowls, from $80.00 with minimum order/
Modern cubes of succulents in brushed alumium vases.

A mixed succulent garden in clear glass vases, rentals from $75.00 with minimum order. 
Rustic Succulent garden for trade show displays. 
Succulent gardens
Simple succulent Gardens
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Amanda Dunajski, Designer 
Timi Huskinson, Horticulturist 
An Octopus’s Garden 
An Octopus’s Garden offers eco-friendly options for meetings and events.

In a world of ever-growing environmental concerns, it is our duty as the distributors of one of nature’s most beautiful creations, flowers, to be sensitive of the ways in which we can sustain the delicate floral industry.

There are a number of ways florists can adopt environmentally mindful practices. Our floral preservatives contain no chemicals. Potted plants within the design studio are watered and misted with clean recycled water from processed flowers maintained in our coolers. Plant and flower trimmings are recycled to compost.

We buy organically grown flowers whenever possible, and make a conscious effort to support local wholesalers with their own growing fields in California, our closest source for fresh flowers and plants. But our duties do not stop at our flower shop door.

Rent, renew and repurpose

For meetings and events, plants add a lush element to any venue, transforming even the starkest meeting halls into a garden paradise. Renting plants is another service we offer.

Clients to get the look they desire and by renting, keep the plants from being discarded after the event, a very common practice in Las Vegas. Bringing nature indoors reminds people to be aware of nature outdoors.

If flowers are no longer needed at the end of an event, we repurpose them by donating them to our local hospice. For events that last longer than a few days, we offer a refreshing service.

Clients do not have to purchase an entirely new design, so fewer flowers are used. We provide glass rentals, which in addition to a savings for our clients, enables us to recycle and reuse the vases. Most importantly, this program keeps glass out of our landfills.

Wise and dry

For clients seeking desert friendly options at their event, succulents are a valued design element. Water conservation is of the utmost importance here in Nevada, and these versatile plants come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and of course, they require very little water.

Recently, working with the company planner for their event, succulents in recyclable cardboard gift boxes functioned as centerpieces, as well as take-home gifts for their attendees another request.

The planner was able to fulfill their clients desire to create a warm, welcoming environment with floral designs, and be eco-friendly while reducing waste.

An Octopus’s Garden has been supplying eco-friendly floral décor and plants for meetings and events since 1995. Designer Amanda Dunajski joined An Octopus’s Garden in 2008 and specializes in sustainable modern floral designs. Timi Huskinson is a horticulturist with 21 years of experience in floral design for meetings and events in Las Vegas

Flowers for Nevada Meetings and events
Convention Plant, Succulents
Natural grape wood with Irish moss in bamboo vase, or single succulents in moss.
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Natural grapewood with tropical flower display
Flowers and succulent
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Custom Tillandsia and air plant
Flowers and succulents with kiwi vine
Succulents in modern compote tradeshow display
Grooved ceramic pots with aloe vera
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